2013 Diablo Trail Adventure
Pre-Race Instructions


Thank you for registering for Trail Adventure 2013!

Please review the following information in advance of the event. If you reply to this email directly, we might not get it. We do want to hear from you, so please send your reply to racedirector@brazenracing.com.
All proceeds from this event will benefit Save Mount Diablo in its work to preserve Mount Diablo and its surrounding foothills, expand park lands and provide you with amazing places to run. 


Race day registration will be available starting at 6:45 am. 

Race Start Times

We will have an early start option for half marathon participants who will be primarily walking and expect to take longer than 3.5 hours to finish their race.  The early start is not for runners who plan to finish faster than that as the course monitors will not yet be in place.
Early Half Start: 7:00 am
Half marathon: 8:00 am
10K: 8:20 am 
5K: 8:40 am 
Please line up at the start in accordance with your expected finish.  If you expect to finish in the top third of all runners, you should be in the front third at the starting line. Those expecting to finish in the middle should be lined up that way, etc. 

Early Bib Pick-Up
Bibs, race bags and shirts will be available for pick-up on race day. 
If you registered by end of day 10/29, you can pick your bib up early at Forward Motion Sports, 432 Hartz Ave in Danville on Friday 11/1 (10a - 7p) and Saturday 11/2 (10a - 5p). In order to pick up your materials, you'll need to sign a waiver. If you are picking up for someone else, please have his or her original signed waiver with you.

Parking will be limited, so please carpool if possible! The main parking lot will be at the Orchard Staging area, just before the park entrance. Overflow parking is available about 1/4 mile from the park entrance at North Gate High School. A shuttle will be available from 6:45 am until 12:00 pm.

First Aid Stations 
The 5K will have an aid station located at miles 1.1 and 2. 
The 10K will have 3 aid stations at miles 1.1, 2.8 and 5.1. 
The half marathon will have 4 aid stations at miles 1.1, 2.8, 7.9 and 12.36.

Please refer to course maps for the locations of these.

If you need water more frequently, consider carrying a water bottle that can be filled at the aid stations.  Those running the half marathon should carry at least 1 water bottle, preferably two or a hydration pack.  Unlike with a road race, where aid stations can often be neatly placed every 1-2 miles, the placement of the aid stations on a trail run depends on accessibility, so be prepared!


Bathrooms are located to the left as you are first coming into the start/finish area and to the right, near the pool area.  There will also be additional portable toilets brought in. 

What To Do When You Arrive Sunday Morning
If you took advantage of the early bib/race bag/shirt pick-up (see above), you will just need to be at the start (under the arch) at least 5 minutes before your race starts.
If you didn't do the early pick-up:
1) Go to the table with waivers and sign yours.
2) Take your signed waiver to the bib pick-up table and get your bib.
3) Pin your bib on your shirt or shorts so it will be visible at all times.
4) Be at the start/finish arch at least 5 minutes before your race start time.


Make sure the bib you're wearing matches the distance you are running!
Half marathon: red bibs
10K: blue bibs
5K: yellow/orange bibs

Timing Tags

Timing will be done using a bib-tag system (a small timing tag attached to the back of your bib). In order to make sure we record your start and finish, please do not fold or remove the timing tag and make sure to always display your bib on the front of your body. Covering your bib with clothing, hydration packs, etc. could stop your timing tag from recording.

Changing Distances
You can change your distance on race morning. Downgrading is free, however upgrading requires paying the difference in entry fee. Once you have the bib for the race you are currently registered for, go to the "Distance Change" table where they will help transfer you.
It is very important that we know if you are changing distance or dropping out of a race. Please let the timing personnel know immediately upon reaching the finish line. Anyone who drops out without informing the race director or timing company will be charged for any search efforts that have to be taken. 

Sweat Check 

Bags for storing your sweats will be available if you do not bring your own. Please do not leave valuables in your sweat bags, as we cannot be held responsible for these items.

Stay on Course

You must stay on the correct course. All courses are marked with ribbons and flour.  Ribbons are color-coordinated with the bibs (yellow for 5K, blue for 10K, red for half marathon). 
We strongly recommend all runners carry a course map.  Even on the best-marked trail course, it is still very easy to get distracted and go the wrong way.
There will be mile markers approximately placed on the course for those not wearing GPS watches and to also confirm you are still on the correct course.    

Race Etiquette

It takes a little time to spread out after the start, but all runners should know to run single file on the right side of the trail and call out "on your left" when passing someone else.  We ask anyone using headphones to keep the volume low, leave one ear free and turn off the music completely when coming to water stations or course monitors. 
The trails will be shared with other park users - please be aware of and courteous to them.  

Course Surfaces

You'll encounter rocks, bumps, potholes, uneven surfaces, slippery sections and even woodland critters!  Scrapes and bruises are great for bragging, but staying alert can help avoid any serious injury.
The creeks have been relatively dry, but it is always possible that this will change before race day. If you do encounter water, the best thing to do is just go right through it!
There are cattle gates on the course. We are not allowed to leave these open. There may be times when you hit a gate that must be opened, please close it behind you.    


If you encounter anyone in need of urgent help, who cannot continue on the trail, please go to the next aid station, Search and Rescue person or ham radio operator right away.

Leave No Trace Behind 

Please make sure to hold onto any wrappers or other materials when running. Littering is never acceptable. 

T-shirts will be available before and after the race.
If you signed up by midnight on Tuesday, October 29, we will have your shirt ready in an envelope with your name on it.
If you signed up after that time, you will need to pick up your shirt at the first-come/first-serve table. If you don't like the size of your shirt and want to exchange it, you may do so at the "first-come, first-serve" table if the desired size is available.
If you don't get the shirt size you are looking for, check back after the race, as we will have additional shirts from no-show runners.
If you paid extra for a special shirt, but could not get it on race day, e-mail Brazen Racing after the race and they'll either find your shirt or refund the extra charge.      

Post-Race Snacks

You'll have worked up an appetite and we will have lots of snacks for all finishers at the end of the race!

Age Group Awards

In addition to finisher medals, we have special age group medals for those finishing in the top 3 of their age group (done in 5 year divisions).  After a large portion of the runners from each race have finished, our timers will provide us with final results and we will announce that these are available and that you can pick up your appropriate age group medals.  Please be patient, as they need a little time to compile these and make sure they are correct.

If you cannot wait and leave without collecting your age group medal, you can send a self-addressed stamped envelope ($2.45 postage) to Brazen Racing and they will send it to you.  
Brazen Racing 
2042 Rosedale Drive
San Pablo, CA 94806
Medal Engraving

All finishers will receive a special finisher medal.  You can see some of the prior finisher medals here.
There will be an engraving machine available for finisher medals and age group medals ($10 per medal).  This process takes a few minutes, so if you'd like to have it done at the race, be sure to drop it off as soon as possible.  All medal engraving on race day will be done on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Those who don't get the chance to get it done at the race can still get their medals engraved by mail, using this form.

E-mail racedirector@brazenracing.com or call Save Mount Diablo Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at 925-947-3535

We want everyone to have a great day and enjoy the mountain we are raising funds to preserve!


The Brazen Racing Team & Save Mount Diablo