In the spirit of fair competition for all our participants, Brazen Racing has compiled rules that apply to all Ultra Half Series/Championship Race participants. While these rules apply to all participants, they are of particular note for those that wish to compete for series and championship prize money and top ten awards. 

All series participants potentially eligible for top awards or cash prizes must meet all USATF (USA Track and Field) rules of participation. These include:

Runners are 100% responsible for knowing the course. Under no circumstances will "time credit" be issued for runners who get lost, even if they are misdirected by a volunteer or follow another runner off course.

When there are checkpoints (and there will be for the championship), runners must have been verified as passing through, to ensure no shortcuts (accidental or otherwise) have been taken. Final results for the Rocky Ridge half marathon and the Ultra Half series will only be issued after all checkpoints have confirmed winners as having properly run the full course. Runners will share the burden of making sure checkpoint personnel can recognize and record their bib number.

In the unlikely event of a tie, prizes will be shared by both runners.

Refunds will not be issued for entries not used or runners disqualified by these rules.

In case of any dispute or contesting of the results, the race director will review all information in as timely a fashion as possible and inform those affected of the final decision.

There are no prior races or qualifying times required to enter the Brazen Racing Half Marathon Championship Race. If you are entered into the Rocky Ridge Half Marathon, you are entered into the Half Marathon Championship race.

Ultra Half Series participants are allowed to also participate in the Half Marathon Championship and can win prizes in both.

Ultra Half Series winners will not place top 3 in both the “regular” and masters division.  If the overall fastest regular series runner (male or female) is also in the masters division, they will be deemed the regular series winner.  The person who would have been in 2nd place as a master, will move up to first place for awards purposes, etc. 

To qualify for the masters division, a participant must be 40 years old by October 1, 2016.

Ultra Half Series top 10 shirts will be given to the combined (regular and masters) top 10 male and female.



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