Course Information

All three courses are out and back along the shoreline. Races begin in San Leandro Marina Park and proceed south along the shoreline, into the Hayward Regional Shoreline, turn around and come back to the Marina Park.

All courses are on either paved or gravel trails and begin/finish on 80-100 yards of grassy field.

Start Times

Start times will be: 8:00am for the Half Marathon, 8:15am for the 10K and 8:30am for the 5K.

Time Limits

The half marathon will start at 8:00am and the course will have a time limit of 4 hours. Runners must reach the 4th aid station (mile 10) by 11:30am (20+ minute per mile pace).

Course Maps



Half Marathon

Aid Stations

As with all of our races, aid stations will be fully stocked with water, sports drink, gels, pretzels, candy, etc.

Aid Stations course:

5K: 1
10K: 3
1/2 Marathon: 5

Aid station locations are shown on maps above. Those needing water more frequently are encouraged to carry a water bottle or hydration pack.


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