Entry Fee Insurance

Entry fee insurance is available through a third party provider and is only eligible to those who specifically choose and pay ($2.25-3.50) for the option.

The event organizer (Brazen Racing) does not offer refunds or transfers to other races.


Insurance depends upon the participant seeing a physician within 72 weekday hours of the event and being advised by the physician to not participate.

You must submit your claim within 60 days after the event.

Event participant himself/herself must have the sickness or injury. Sickness/injury to a family member is not a coverage trigger for this insurance.

A participant who crosses the start line is not eligible for this insurance.

Pregnancy is not a condition that will trigger coverage for this insurance.

If the event is cancelled, this insurance is not valid.

A family member wishing to be refunded for a deceased participant is eligible for a refund. Please call the contact the race director for instructions on that process.


If you purchased the entry fee insurance and are eligible for a refund, please use this form.