Full and Half Marathon Pace Groups

The Western Pacific marathon course is a Boston Marathon qualifier and we are happy to announce that the Trivalley Running Club is coming out to pace the marathon as well as the half marathon to help you get to Boston! These experienced runners have paced at our Summer Breeze and Bay Breeze races in the past, helping Brazen runners achieve their personal bests!

There is no special registration and no commitment needed to run with a pacing group. If you would like to run with a pace group from the start, just line up at the start near the pacer whose time matches your goal. They'll be holding signs indicating their finishing times and will be easy to locate. The following pace groups have been confirmed for the race; go get that PR!

Full Marathon:

3:15 (7:26 Min/Ml)
3:25 (7:49 Min/Ml)
3:30 (8:01 Min/Ml)
3:35 (8:12 Min/Ml)
3:40 (8:23 Min/Ml)
3:45 (8:35 Min/Ml)
3:55 (8:58 Min/Ml)
4:00 (9:09 Min/Ml)
4:40 (10:41 Min/Ml)
4:55 (11:15 Min/Ml)
5:10 (11:49 Min/Ml)
5:25 (12:24 Min/Ml)

Half Marathon:

1:35 (7:15 Min/Ml)
1:40 (7:38 Min/Ml)
1:45 (8:01 Min/Ml)
1:50 (8:24 Min/Ml)
1:55 (8:47 Min/Ml)
2:00 (9:10 Min/Ml)
2:10 (9:55 Min/Ml)
2:20 (10:41 Min/Ml)
2:30 (11:27 Min/Ml)

About Trivalley Running Club

TriValley Running Club mission is Happy.Running.Community. We provide half marathon and marathon pacers for local the Bay Area Events.  Our pacers are experienced runners who can run a steady pace to help runners achieve their personal bests. Whether it is a personal record you are looking for or just someone to run with, we are there to support YOU! Happy running!

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Want to run with us, but can't make it in person?