*RACE DATE FOR 2015 = JUNE 20*

First held in 1970, this race is a must do on nearly every trail runner's list! Walt Stack, founder of Dolphin South End Runners Club (DSE), considered it his favorite race and so it was that it would become named after him, to honor and remember him.

The DSE has managed this event on a purely volunteer basis for 44 years! For 2014, the DSE is partnering with Brazen Racing to help manage the growing popularity of the race and the increasing demands of permitting agencies, all for the purpose of ensuring this race continues to be available for many years to come.

It begins at Stinson Beach, runs the length of the Dipsea Trail to Mill Valley then back to Stinson Beach. Epic views, adventures -- and lots of stairs -- await you!

The Walt Stack DSE Double Dipsea race is a handicap race. If you've never run a handicap race before you'll find that it gives you a whole new perspective. Instead of everyone starting at the same time, runners are grouped together in wave starts. If you are a slower runner the handicap will give you a big head start. If you're normally one of the lead runners you'll have to work hard to catch everyone! We all tend to run in the same circle of friends at every race. This gives you a chance to meet new people and to say hello to a lot of people who normally are either in front of you or behind you. More information on the handicapped start times can be found here.

Who was Walt Stack?

Quite the character and San Francisco infamous runner, more information about Walt Stack and the Dophin Club South End Runners here.


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