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"When I first started running, I was so embarrassed, I'd walk when cars passed me. I'd pretend I was looking at the flowers."

Joan Benoit Samuelson, Olympic Marathon Winner














































Frequently Asked Questions


Why should a person run an organized race?

People run in races for many different reasons.

Many run races for the camaraderie of being with other runners (quality time with people who don't think you're strange for wanting to run).

Some run races because they love to run in new places. Plus, an organized event offers the benefit of a measured and well-marked course laid out for them with plenty of support from the aid stations and other course volunteers.

Others sign up for races so that they have a specific time and place to train for. And many of those then test themselves on the course to see how they are progressing in their training.

Lots of people run for the shirt, the medal or just the bragging rights!

I am a very slow runner. Am I going to be out of place at one of your races?

You won't be out of place at all. Our races are planned for participants of all abilities -- including walkers. In addition to the longer distances offered, we will usually have shorter distances like 5k or 10k.

Can I wear headphones at your races?

Yes, but we ask that you keep the volume down at a safe level so that you can hear other runners or instructions from event personnel. We also ask that you remove them, or at the very least remove the one ear bud when you are coming to aid stations, in a large crowd or on more technical or difficult sections of the course. The important thing is paying attention to everyone's safety and maintaining basic race etiquette with other runners.

Do you offer a group discount? Frequent runner discount? Family discount? Coupon? Special break for running more than one race?

We do not.

There are many different ways for pricing race entry fees. Although it can sometimes make runners feel like they are getting a special deal, we do not use the method of offering a price higher than necessary to support the race, then offering discounts to only those who are lucky enough to find a coupon. We believe that such a policy unfairly penalizes those who (for whatever reason) do not find out about and utilize the coupon or discount.

Our prices are arranged so that every runner automatically gets the group discount, because they are in fact part of the large group running that race. Almost all of our races are composed of several hundred runners (sometimes well over a thousand) and it is because of these numbers that we can offer a high quality experience while still charging an entry fee well below what you might expect or find at comparable events elsewhere.

We do offer a discount to those who sign up early, since early sign-ups allow us to plan better and lower the overall costs of the race. Similarly, we include an additional charge for those who sign up late, since the accommodation of race entries in the last two weeks before a race increases the per-runner cost.

The other exception for discounts is for those who volunteer at one race and then partipate at a later one. Those volunteers receive a discounted (and sometimes free) race entry.