Brazen Streakers: Class of 2016

Below are the streakers we have found for 2016. If you believe you have fulfilled all the requirements to be a 2016 Brazen Streaker, but you don't find yourself on this list, please contact us as soon as possible!

Peter Dea
Katherine Ingram
Will Elbert
Ana Gomez
Sharlet Gilbert
Rodino Tucay
Tammy Collin
Patricia Venerable
Mary Martin
Brad Gaiser
Marla Sanchez
Ronaldo Orilla Tucay
Donna Denton
Lloyd Robinson
Gina Zendejas
Liz Coxon
Susan Ryan
Joe Ryan
Dagoberto Calderon
Amanda Sava
Gary Sparer
Raven Iacono
Carol Balisi
Ernestine Balisi
Oscar Mejorada
Oscar Mejorada Jr
Frida Mejorada
Carolina Mejorada
Raymond Lee
Jen Long
Dewayne Long
Ernie White
Aidan Oslob
Kim Oslob
Ana Maria Robles
Amy Bang-Knudsen
Amy Miller
Barbara Rausch
Carla Dorotheo Tucay
Amelia Ryan Tucay
Carolyn Peterson
Danielle C. Uttley
Dorothy Leo
Erin Pasqualini
Father Dale
Jennifer Brown
Jason Lehrbaum
Renee Nelson
Joseph Steffler
Julie Vella
Jun O Tucay
Kari Haupt
Katherine Louie
Lisa Truong
Laura Duarte
Melinda Pelaez-Dorotheo
Robert Austin Tucay
Sandy Morishige
Shawn Aaron
Sofia Pate
Tim Jordan
Anthony Pasqualini
Jessica A Martinez
Valerie Michael
Yesenia Lott
Megan Wilson
Barney Smith
Dominique Plante
Nathan Winn

Meet The Streakers

Come meet each the runners that have earned their streaker status by completing every race within a calendar year!

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Jesse Owens

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