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In the future (hopefully not too distant), we will have our races in person again, but in the meanwhile we do what we can, and that means going virtual!  On the plus side, this means you can run outside, inside, row a machine, row a boat, cycle or do whatever activity keeps you strong during the lockdown.



Starting on 1/30/2021, participants can get their miles done.

Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont (where the event normally takes place) is currently scheduled to be open to the public (during regular hours and with the park's social distancing rules in effect) and you can run there during that period if you like, but you can also run ay any location you like, including on your treadmill.  You can even jump on the stationary bike, rowing machine or just do whatever you like to do.  The important thing is to make sure you get moving!

Once you are done, you will go to the results link and enter in your distance and time.  Like all of our virtual races, the Coyote Hills event is non-competitive, but posting your results makes it official that you got it done.

Ready to share the joy?  Post up a picture and/or your run info with #brazencoyote.  And to see lots of others doing the same, join the Be Bold Be Brazen Facebook group.

Shirts and medals will be sent in the mail during February, as soon after the event as possible.


Have viruses, fires, smoke, stay-at-home orders or something else caused you to find alternative means for exercising? Are you into cycling, rowing, stand-up paddle boarding or something else?  No problem.  If you are covering miles, just report those.  If you are doing something else that doesn't cover easily measured distance, we trust you to translate that into your best mileage approximation!


It is 100% optional, but if you would like to share your pictures of runs, see how other are doing, where they are running or just enjoy the company of other Brazen Racing runners, head over to the Be Bold Be Brazen Facebook page.


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