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Future Brazen 10K


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Getting through these crazy times: it’s not a sprint, it’s an ultramarathon! Purchasing a race entry in advance will greatly help Brazen Racing during the Covid-19 shutdown.

This method of purchasing entries offers the buyer a savings (early-bird pricing and no online service fees) and will only be available during the period of the Covid-19 shutdown. Once in-person events resume, this form of advanced registration will no longer be available.

Purchaser will receive a coupon code by e-mail within 72 hours of purchase.

Pre-paid entries will not expire, but are non-refundable (as is the case with all race entries). Pre-paid entries not yet redeemed may be transferred or gifted to anyone. If registering for a race with a fee higher than the 10K, purchaser will need to pay the difference. Once the coupon code for a prepaid entry is used, the policies of that event will apply.


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