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The official address for Joseph D. Grant County Park is:

18405 Mt. Hamilton Rd.
San Jose, CA 95140

We recommend you use the below map to get yourself accurate directions. Alternatively, some people will just punch in the intersection of Quimby Road and Mount Hamilton Road (the park entrance is just east of that intersection on Mount Hamilton Road).  That will put you very close to the park entrance.

Our preferred route is to come up Alum Rock Avenue and then take Mount Hamilton Road to the park entrance.

Most GPS and cell phone directions will take you up Quimby, and that might be a slightly shorter route, but it is also a slower, more winding (car-sickness-inducing).  We recommend not coming up Quimby.


Note: Last year the parking fee ($6) was collected by park staff at the booth as participants came into the park.  This year, unfortunately, the park does not have sufficient staff to collect this same way.  But they do, of course, still insist on having each car pay the fee!

To assist the park in the collection of these fees, we will be doing "park and pay" on Saturday.  Each vehicle will be given a two piece parking pass.  This should be split in two with one side left in the window and the other turned in with the parking fee.  Parking fees will be collected at a tent near the start/finish area.

Please be sure to pay the parking fee immediately after parking. Exact change will expedite the payment process greatly!



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