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The location of the race start is the Bear Creek Staging Area of Briones Regional Park. Make sure your directions are going there and not to one of the other park entrances!

Please note: The best way we've found to reach this park with an online map or with a GPS device is to use the intersection of Briones Road and Bear Creek Road. The sign outside the park says "1611 Bear Creek Road," but the last time we used Google Maps, the 1611 address brought us about a mile down the road, while using just "16 Bear Creek Road" (as shown below) took us right to it.  We advise looking on a map in advance, just to feel more certain about where you are going!


Parking inside the park is available for $3.00 per vehicle until the lots are full.



Thank you to our race sponsors, through their contributions, our sponsors help keep entry costs down and expose our runners their outstanding products and services. Learn more about becoming a sponsor.

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