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Race Information

July 13, 2024

Point Pinole Regional Shoreline


The course is a 3.37 mile loop with approximately 98% dirt fire trails. Total elevation gain on the loop is about 150 feet. An additional .42 mile loop will be available to run for the last hour of each timed event -- starting at hour 2 for the 3-hour runners, hour 5 for the 6-hour runners and hour 11 for the 12-hour runners.

Runners will enjoy panoramic vistas of the bay offering views of seven counties and about that many bridges.


Timed runs can be approached in several different ways. Many will test themselves to see exactly how far they can run in this set amount of time. Others will use it to run a goal distance in a fully-supported race setting without the worry of deadlines or cut-offs. Others will simply run to see if they can keep moving for that long!

Few are expected to run without any stopping the whole time. Walk breaks are advised. Runners will also pass through the start/finish area with each loop and will have the chance to stock up on fuel, change shoes or clothing, visit friends, etc. Support crew may set up personal "aid stations" near the start/finish area.

Expect a party-like atmosphere as you come around each loop with support personnel ready to get you whatever you need. There will be an abundance of hot and cold food of many different varieties to keep everyone full and happy.



In addition to the individual runners, teams of 2 and 3 may take turns in whatever order they wish to create a "total team distance."   Teams with have one timing device (straps around the ankle with velcro) and members will pass on the ankle strap to the "active runner" (the one who is heading out to complete a lap.


Dirty Dozen (12 hour) ends at 7:00 pm

Half Dozen (6 hour) ends at 1:00 pm

1/4 Dirty (3 Hour) ends at 10:00 am

This end time represents the "official" end of the race.  Only laps 100% completed will be counted in results.

Participants are NOT required to keep running until the end of each race and may stop whenever they like!



Warning: It is much easier to study and wrap your mind around the "big loop/little loop" concept ahead of race day than to try to figure out when you are exhausted.  You've been warned!


Each loop has a separate finish line.

The "big loop" is the main course (a 3.37 mile loop) that remains open from the start to the end of each race.

The "little loop" (a .42 mile loop) is ONLY available during the last hour of whatever category (3-hour, 6-hour or 12-hour) one is running.


Sometimes there is a good amount of time left on the clock and yet maybe not enough to complete the full 3.37 miles.  Runners who still have a little left in the tank may want to get a little more distance in.  This is why we have the little loop.


If, after finishing a big loop, you see that there is less than an hour left for your race, you have a decision to make.  Do you want to try to run another big loop?  It will only count if you finish it before the official end of your race.  Or do you want to add mileage to your official distance run by running "little loops" instead?

The "little loop" has the advantage of being shorter and the disadvantage of having a little more uphill (mile for mile) than you'd get on the big course.   We have no advice -- you'll have to figure that one out on your own!


If the little loop is open for your race, you finish your last big loop and then start a new loop just like before, but when you get about .3 miles into it, you will see a sign with the option to go right up a trail that will lead you back to the "little loop" finish.  After that you can head out for another little loop or even go out for another big loop.  It's all up to you!

Course Map

Course Markings

While there is little chance of anyone becoming seriously lost in the park, there is always the possibility of becoming confused as to which way you should be going -- particularly in the wooded areas where it is easier to get disoriented. For this reason we ask you to pay close attention to the course markings.

Marking will be done with flour, ribbons and signs to make sure you are going the right way. By following these, you should have no trouble staying on course.

Water Stations

There will be two water stations per loop, one at approximately half way through the loop and one at the start/finish area. Stations will be stocked with water, sports drink, fruit, candy, sports gels and other snacks. The start finish/area will also include hot food of different varieties throughout the day.

Please help us reduce waste and speed up your time coming through the aid station by bringing a water bottle or re-usable cup.  The safety of runners is higher priority, so we will have cups if needed, but beverages will not be pre-filled and so having your own cup/bottle open and ready will also make for a faster aid station experience.


In addition to the port-a-potties at the start/finish area, there are two locations on the 5K loop where there are additional bathrooms. Bathrooms aplenty!


Thank you to our race sponsors, through their contributions, our sponsors help keep entry costs down and expose our runners their outstanding products and services. Learn more about becoming a sponsor.

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