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It's Your Lucky Day!

If you are looking for a super-fast, flat, easy course to set a personal record, you are probably in the wrong place. These courses have hills, especially the 10K and half marathon.  If, however, you are looking for a great time on the trails, with beautiful scenery, awesome support and unique, high-quality shirts and awards, you have come to the right place!

Hikers/walkers are welcome.

Run Badger


7:30 AM


8:30 AM


8:45 AM


9:00 AM


For half marathon participants who wish to hike the course and take more than 4 hours, we will offer a "Hiker Division" start at 7:30 am. Those starting at 7:30 should carry water as the first and second aid stations might not be 100% up and running, depending on the hikers speed. Hiker starts will not be eligible to win the race or for age group awards, but will be listed as official finishers in the Hiker Division and will still receive finisher medals.


The half marathon will start at 8:30am and the course will have a time limit of 4 hours.

Runners must finish their first loop and reach Aid 3 (mile 6.54) by 10:15 am as well as reach the Apay split (mile 9.6) by 11:00 am.



Click on each course map for details, including elevation chart.


Half Marathon


Copies of course maps will be available on race day.

Each course will be marked with colored ribbons, signs and flour, so that runners know they are on the correct course. As can be seen in the course map link above, with the exception of the out-and-back section of the 5K, there are no sections where runners will be going in the opposite directions of other runners, making the course extremely straightforward and easy to follow


Want to follow the course with your phone or smart watch and know how to work with GPX files?  You can do that by uploading the race course GPX file (created with "Ride With GPS") into your favorite app.  GPX files are available at the links above (just click on the course map picture).


Water stations will be stocked with water, sports drink, gels, pretzels, candy, etc.

Stations on course:

5K: 1
10K: 2
1/2 Marathon: 5

Water station locations are shown on maps above. Those needing water more frequently are encouraged to carry a water bottle or hydration pack.

Note: To lower the amount of waste at our Ultra Half Series races, we ask that our half marathon runners (and all runners where possible) be "cupless" during their runs, especially at the half-marathon-only water stations.

Since the course and conditions of these half marathon courses already dictate that carrying water bottles/hydration packs is the best practice, this is usually easy to do. Water station volunteers will be ready to refill whatever container one brings. Runners can also carry reusable cups that easily collapse and can be stuffed into their pockets/attached. If you wish to purchase a Hydrapak Speed Cup (available for $5 with sales tax), we have those available at our merchandise tent.

Half marathon water stations will not have full cups waiting for runners, but safety is their priority and so if you have nothing and need the fluids, they will get a cup for you.



Thank you to our race sponsors, through their contributions, our sponsors help keep entry costs down and expose our runners their outstanding products and services. Learn more about becoming a sponsor.

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