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The National Park Service has imposed new restrictions that limit participation to 400 runners (previous cap was 750).  This relates to both the limited parking in Stinson Beach and their desire to have less impact on other national park users.  At the same time, the staffing and permit fees have been raised significantly.

This event requires months of planning and coordination with permitting from five government agencies, special road control and, in short, more work and more cost than any other event on our schedule.

We think this situation stinks, but we have neither the desire, nor the resources, to argue with federal agencies.  At the same time, we hate seeing one of our favorite races go away.

This puts us at a crossroads.  Do we retire the 51-year-old race or continue it with a much higher entry fee for 2022 (and most likely going higher again in 2023)?

We have decided to leave it up to the people who want to participate and then re-evaluate after the 2022 event.  If the event sells out this year, we would expect it to continue it into 2023 (we would also expect to add a wait list).

Entry fee for 2022 will be $165.  That's almost twice what we would normally need to charge for a similar event at another park.  If you are priced out of the race, we regret that being the case, but invite you to check out our schedule of other races and come run with us at any of those other events that are free of these limitations.

Registration DATE/TIME

**The 2022 race is sold out. We do not have a waitlist.**

Entry Fees

2022 Double Dipsea Entry: $165.00

Entries will be accepted on a first-come/first served basis.

Note: If you are a long-time running/volunteering veteran of the Double Dipsea (e.g., have participated in 10+ races) and are unable to register, please contact us here. It is the intention of the DSE Runners and Brazen Racing to make sure those who have contributed greatly in the past are included in the race.  A handful of spots will be reserved for veterans of the race.

We all have our ups and downs. Get ready for yours!



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