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Our Mission

We want everyone to get out and move, fast or slow, and enjoy the community of their fellow runners. Our mission is to get every possible person active and enjoying the outdoors. This includes helping give kids the opportunity to discover and enjoy running and the outdoors, so that they may enjoy a lifetime of benefits from both.

"Human beings are made of flesh and blood, and a miracle fiber called courage"
 George Patton

The Brazen Racing Philosophy

We know that running can improve lives. We believe that running makes people happy and that the happiness spreads to others. We think that every time someone is outdoors running, they are inspiring the others around them to also be active. And this explains why people run faster and happier in groups: the energy is contagious! This is why we run and this is why we put on running events.

Success, for our races and our runners, cannot be guaranteed. If we never fail, it is likely we never pushed hard enough to find out our true limits. The Brazen Racing attitude, and the spirit we try to bring with all we do, is to never be afraid to make a mistake or fail. The only true failure is never daring to try to go further in the first place.


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