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It's Not Just About The Run

Running might be good for your health, but any physical benefits are secondary to the simple joy that participating in races can bring.   Running events bring unity and community.  Nobody cares whether you are fast or slow, young or old, rich or poor, nor your background, your beliefs or anything else that makes people seem different from each other.  When you are at a Brazen Racing running event, you’re a Brazen runner and everybody is glad to see you.  Some become the best of friends, some see each other only at races and others may just run and not talk to anyone at all, but together they form a part of this vibrant and generous community.


Volunteers provide the spirit and emotion of every good running event.

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Giving Back

The Brazen Racing community doesn’t just help and encourage each other, they also lend their support to several great programs each year.

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No, not that kind of “streaking”!  Brazen Racing streakers are those who have participated in every running event, in person, in a calendar year.

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Ageless Wonders

It is a rare runner who can run a 10K in a time less than their age in minutes.  We think they deserve to be celebrated.

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Ultra Half Series

Participants are ranked after they have finished 5 races.  They are included on the list of series participants after 3 races.

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Around The World

Although we are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can find Brazen Racing fans all over the world!

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"Friendships are born on the field of athletic strife and the real gold of competition. Awards become corroded, friends gather no dust."
Jesse Owens

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