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Rocky Ridge

Records & Results

Rocky Ridge Records

Half Marathon Male

Alex Varner, San Rafael, 28 1:33:27 2013

Half Marathon Female

Megan Deakins, Mountain View, 21 1:47:27 2013

10K Male

Victor Mier, San Francisco, 26 42:33 2014

10K Female

Jenny Wong, Oakland, 42 50:58 2016

5K Male

Chip Scarinzi, Alameda, 29 21:39 2009

5K Female

Annabel Driussi, Albany, 12 27:09 2010

Age Group Course Records

Bold indicates course record holder.

Half MarathonFemaleTimeYear MaleTimeYear
19 and UnderChaia Wyatt2:55:362012 Whitner Grange2:14:052013
20-29Megan Deakins1:47:262013 Alex Varner1:33:262013
30-39Caitlin Smith1:59:332013 Sergio Reyes1:34:592013
40-49Magdalena Boulet1:55:322013 Richard Bolt1:54:022011
50-59Lisa Oyen2:35:592013 Ronald Hess2:02:292014
60-69Sharlet Gilbert2:42:342013 Steve Hill2:38:082015
70+    Kenneth White4:31:452015


10KFemaleTimeYear MaleTimeYear
19 and UnderKayla Neumann0:51:342014 Kevin Graham0:48:492009
20-29Amy Brennick0:55:352012 Victor Mier0:42:282014
30-39Kristen Dodge0:53:232012 Selvin Henriquez0:43:352012
40-49Lisa Penzel0:54:282011 Tim  Stahler0:48:332015
50-59Rebecca Collins0:55:392011 Adam Rhoads0:46:562011
60-69Sharlet Gilbert1:02:082012 Pete Larrett1:00:522013
70+    Norman Pease1:40:192015


5KFemaleTimeYear MaleTimeYear
19 and UnderAnnabel Driussi0:27:092010 Alex Sokol0:24:102009
20-29Jenna Zack0:27:122009 Chip Scarinzi0:21:402009
30-39Shawna Clark0:27:522012 Chip Scarinzi0:22:292012
40-49Lisa Penzel0:27:102010 Stephen Boesch0:21:592009
50-59Leslie Sokol0:29:372009 KJ Forbes0:25:332010
60-69Susan Bremond0:40:562012 Robert Donaire0:27:032014
70-79Micaela Pena0:43:142013 Kenneth White0:48:242014
80+    Frank Nolte1:49:522014

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