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Event Cancellation Policy

What happens if an event must be cancelled?

After 10+ years of operation and hundreds of races, we have never had to cancel an event. And we have and always will make every effort to be present an event as planned or as closely to the original plan as possible.

There is, however, always a possibility of a race being affected by circumstances out of our control. This would include things such as earthquakes, floods, extreme weather, civil unrest, unsafe air quality and other “Acts of God.”

Refunds, deferrals and transfers will not be issued for events cancelled for these reasons.

Registrants of any cancelled race will be offered the opportunity to collect their race materials (including shirts and medals) in-person or by mail.

If a race was cancelled, why wouldn’t everyone just get full refunds?

If we were able to predict natural disasters and such months ahead of time, there would be no problem canceling an event and issuing refunds. In reality, such circumstances typically develop shortly before the event takes place, after virtually all race expenses have already been incurred.

We are a relatively small organization and wish to continue producing races into the future. For this reason, we require our registrants to share this risk with us.

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